Parenting, Connect With Your Kids, Anxiety Solutions, Food and Relationships

Dr. MacNamara is a wonderful person and resource whether it be for parenting, helping children (and parents) cope with anxiety, reconnecting with your kids, or food and your relationship to it - but most importantly to each other. Here is what people are saying about her...

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Overcoming Text Anxiety

Test anxiety can cast a dark cloud over the academic journey of some students, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and stressed. At PD Plus, we understand the toll it can take on both students and their parents. Here are some strategies to help you overcome this common...

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Online Tutoring In Vancouver Can Benefit Everyone

If your child is having difficulties understanding or following a particular subject taught in school, as a parent you might consider hiring an online tutor to help bring them up to speed.   Private tutoring in Vancouver is a great way to give kids...

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Writing Tips for 5 Paragraph Essays

Does the sound of writing an academic essay sound overwhelming to you? It does to a lot of our students, so we have broken it down so it does not seem like such a scary task. Beginning with the following in mind, you can start brainstorming some ideas… then make sure...

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Help Your Child Manage Stress

There are 168 hours in a week, and our children spend an average of 25 hours/week in-class, learning. We sleep an average of 63 hours/week. So, that leaves approximately 80 hours left to have fun and do a bit of tutoring.   We love to see children of...

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