Parenting, Connect With Your Kids, Anxiety Solutions, Food and Relationships

Dr. MacNamara is a wonderful person and resource whether it be for parenting, helping children (and parents) cope with anxiety, reconnecting with your kids, or food and your relationship to it - but most importantly to each other. Here is what people are saying about her latest book: Nourished, Connection, Food and Caring for Our Kids (and everyone we love)

"A timely, wise, and much needed book. In a society that alienates us from our caregiving instincts, its lessons could not be more urgent." Gabor Mate, MD, Author, The Myth of Normal

 "This book is a gift. A provocation and a legacy to pass on, explore, and create a dialogue with your own children and grandchildren. Read and be inspired." Jean Clinton, MD, Author, Love Builds Brains.