Math Grade 10

"We think Erin is fantastic! My daughter's math grade has gone from 66% at the start of the year to 82%. This is a huge improvement. Thank you to Erin and you for sending her to us!" Lori

Physics Grade 12

"We were very impressed with her flexibility - especially when she had a test or assignment. She always went above and beyond. Talia scored an 82% on her final exam which was above our expectations for what we thought she would achieve!" Tanya

Chemistry Grade 11

"Our tutor is wonderful... My daughter has shown great improvement in her IB Chemistry 11 Class. I am so pleased to have found PD Plus. The tutoring arrangement is very flexible, and their tutors are highly qualified." Ms. C


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English Grade 8

"She is a superb tutor. My daughter went from a 66 average to a 92 average in less than 6 months, thanks to her. She is very patient and her teaching methods appear to be very effective." Melanie

French Grade 9

"My daughter received an award for outstanding recognition for French 9 out of 250 students! Her average was 98%. She achieved it with the help of your tutors, thanks a lot!!!" Ms. M

University Preparation: Shannon A.

"We LOVE Luke! He and Ryan are perfect for each other! Thank you once again. I have recommended PD Plus to several of my friends for their children's tutoring needs."


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Celine from West Vancouver

"I have been working as a tutor with PD Plus for 2 years.

I've found them to be professional in every aspect. Their priority is to foster a good student-tutor relationship, which is conducive to learning and progress.

The Director is very approachable, willing to answer questions in a timely fashion, give advice and share ideas.

Monthly progress reports on each student ensure that the tutor, the parents, and PD Plus are on top of the student's progress, allowing the opportunity for intervention if necessary."

Jake from Vancouver

"I have worked for PD Plus for more than two years and have enjoyed the excellent standard of care not only for the students but also for tutors.

My students and I have benefited from the useful teaching materials provided and that we can count on PD Plus to diplomatically take care of any problems that arise.

I like that I can create a schedule that works for me and that my students are committed to learning which makes it interesting for both of us.

PD Plus is a great company to work for."

Daniel from Burnaby

"I've had the pleasure to work for PD Plus as an ELL tutor since 2006.

Having worked as a private tutor for various companies, I have to say working for them has been one of my best employment experiences.

In the past, I had to deal with dishonest employers and uncertain wages. Not so with PD Plus!

...In addition, Angela is approachable, maintains a daily rapport with her tutors and is supportive with new ideas and lesson plans.

I highly recommend PD Plus Tutoring Service as a grade A company to work for!"