Help Your Child Manage Stress

There are 168 hours in a week, and our children spend an average of 25 hours/week in-class, learning. We sleep an average of 63 hours/week. So, that leaves approximately 80 hours left to have fun and do a bit of tutoring.
We love to see children of any age enjoying themselves…to assist with that we have some helpful tips. These help our students as well as our tutors. We heard a saying that we like: “if you want to eat dessert, you have to clear the table.”
PLANNER: Use your planner to get and stay organized. Ensure you include all important assignments, tests, quizzes, reminders, sports, tutoring, and social engagements.
Make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare for tests; you can write items such as ‘prepare for math test’ every day leading up to the test.
You may want to indicate topics of focus, plans to study with a friend, figure out your test-taking strategies, etc., so as not to leave anything until the last minute.
Get in the habit of consulting your planner every morning and every night, then you can feel the satisfaction of putting a check mark through your completed tasks.
BINDER: Make sure you have a binder that includes sections for each class - or one notebook/small binder per class. Organize your notes then your head and heart feel more organized and clearer.
CLUTTER: Keep everything clear-it feels better. Go through your backpack every day and make sure there is no excess clutter. Bring a backpack to school on Monday that is clean, has fresh water and healthy snacks, and an up-to-date planner.
STUDY SPACE: Make sure you have a calm, clean, organized study area with few distractions.
FOOD/WATER: Make sure you get enough rest, plenty of healthy foods, and drink water every 15 minutes so you don’t have to worry about those 8 glasses a day. Most of all, make time to enjoy your family and friends!