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J. has her Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education from UBC and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (major) and Counselling and Human Development (minor) from SFU (where she received a scholarship in her last year and was on the President's Honour Roll). She has 4 years of experience tutoring math and language arts (literacy and numeracy) from grades K to 7 including working at Racing Readers and Reading Buddies, with all levels of readers including: youth at risk, struggling readers, and advanced readers. She values creating a trusting rapport with her students and is approachable, organized, kind, warm, versatile, flexible, curious, and friendly. Students say she is caring, positive, hard-working, and receptive. Parents say she is well-liked, organized, thoughtful, respectful, open-minded, patient, and “uses workbooks, manipulatives and board games very well to create tutoring plans that are specific to the students she works with.”

A. has his Bachelor of Science in Physics and has 18 years of experience tutoring math and physics. He also has an Independent Schools Teaching Certificate from BC. He loves physics, math, and working with youth, so tutoring is a great passion for him. He wrote 4 physics textbooks for grade 9-12 and 2 math textbooks for grade 9-10 which are still being used in many parts of Iran. He is honest, punctual and reliable with an engaging and caring personality which makes students feel comfortable around him. Students describe him as bright, open-minded, reliable, hard-working, and personable. References say he is a driven and enthusiastic teacher who develops inspiring relationships with his students. He is a kind, friendly, organized, responsible, helpful and positive person with a very positive attitude.

D. has his Master of Science in Chemistry from UBC and 14 years of experience tutoring chemistry, physics and math. He has been tutoring with us since 2007 and all our customers rave about him as he is such a wonderful person and tutor. He is kind, reliable, friendly, engaging, and has he has been with a few of our students 8 years running, (they don't want to let him go so keep him even as their children move on to university! Derek is extremely, bright, kind, and funny. Customers say he is polite, kind, punctual, and thorough. Recently a parent wrote: "He is always punctual, well dressed, polite, prepared and professional. He has been an immense support to all our kids and helps them develop problem solving skills." Outside of tutoring, Derek enjoys skydiving and he is past the ARCT level in piano. He has been playing since he was 5 and enjoys playing music from the romantic era as well as interesting 21st century music and pieces that are out of the box.

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Angela has always enjoyed helping young people and has 20 years of experience in education.

She was raised in Montreal where she attended a public elementary school and a private secondary school. Angela was fortunate to have numerous positive educational experiences at both schools.

She has worked in banking, print media and owned another successful business in the organic food industry.

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Trinity is Nisgaa/Gitsxan/Tsimshian First Nations and British; she was raised and attended public school in Vancouver.

After she left education and counselling to get her B.F.A., she not only started her own art practice but also co-curated at the Bill Reid Gallery and taught art classes for Surrey Art Gallery in Surrey school district for K-7 students.

Her love for working with people has never diminished so she joined PD Plus as a tutor and then accepted the offer to become co-owner and director!