Benefits of In-Home Tutoring

Is private in-home tutoring what you need?

It is all about you

PD Plus’ private tutors guide you through the learning process. Tutoring sessions are held in your home and at a time which is convenient for you and your family. You can do as much of your homework beforehand and write down your questions so when our tutor arrives you can focus on what you know you need help with.

Less stress, more results

At PD Plus we know that a nervous or anxious mind is already shut down. So, our tutors will help you relax and open up so you can learn what you need to. We will strive to understand what your specific difficulties are, what you want to achieve and how you learn best which makes the tutoring sessions go smoothly.

Learning is fun

Not only will your grades get better, but your knowledge and skill base will increase and improve so you can enjoy school more. Additionally, you will learn different ways of learning, become more open-minded, get your homework done on time, and notice an improvement in class, with your family, friends and community. As a result of your hard work, your self-esteem and self- confidence will flourish.

Parent testimonials

"My son just got a 96% in his last term math exam – a tremendous improvement from the 55% he had before getting tutoring from PD Plus. Thank you for sending such an exceptional tutor.” Scott, Vancouver

"My kids are so much happier (they have Samira for French, Pouyan for physics)... I wish I had hired PD Plus earlier! It takes a huge pressure of them because they know there is going to be someone that can help through their homework when they need it every week.” Merin P., North Vancouver

"My daughter was really pleased with your tutor’s help. He was very good at explaining in a clear and interesting manner. He adapted quickly to her needs, she seemed to feel comfortable and found him really pleasant to work with. Thank you, he seems like a really good match for my daughter... we really appreciate your organization and follow up. Already it feels like it will be a positive and productive experience for Julie and Robert seems like a really smart, nice and thoughtful individual.” Lorie J., West Vancouver

"The tutoring is going great; Josh really likes her. He was very excited to share with her this past week that he got one of the top marks in his class for their decimal test. Thanks for checking in, we are very happy with your service!!" S.B. New Westminster

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